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There are some very basic technical requirements that you will need to account for when setting up your Live TV streaming tech. The following snippet will cover this in detail.

  1. Ethernet direct wall connection is always preferred.
  2. If using Wifi, 5ghz connection is preferred when available.
  3. Your device ITSELF must support the speed.
  4. Allow 5-10mb per TV for SD streams, 10-25mb per TV for HD streams, and 25-50mb per TV for 4k streams.
  5. Disable all running processes in the background.
  6. Use app on the device itself called SPEEDTEST. This will ensure your devices can match your ISP’s bandwidth availability.

Note #6. Most people don’t understand that just because you order 350mb bandwidth with your provider, that doesn’t mean your device can stream anything more than 10mb. SPEETEST it!

We hope this checklist if helpful! If you’d like to try the APK chat with us now. Available 24 hours per day for your convenience.

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